NASA-themed Lego sets on the way!

Oooo. NASA and Lego are going to be teaming up to produce some NASA-themed lego sets! They’ll be making four apparently – I guess one is going to be a lego space shuttle (since they’re apparently sending up a lego space shuttle on the next real shuttle!), I really hope that one of them will be a Mars Rover (that’d be really cool if done Technic-style). Wonder what the other two might be?

Full info here:

2 Responses to “NASA-themed Lego sets on the way!”

  • Hmm, interesting. They had some NASA sets several years ago including a technic mars rover. They have done several shuttles over the years.

  • Yeah, after I wrote the post I had vague memories of an existing LEGO Mars rover… well, it’ll still be interesting to see what they come up with!

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