Roleplaying Games

Roleplaying is my principal hobby and what I spend most of my money on (well, apart from food and the odd pile of DVDs if there’s a sale on…). I’ve been playing and running games since about 1984 (I got my first Basic D&D box in 1983) and I’m still going strong!

I used to run the SF RPG Discussion forums, these forums are now closed and archived here (the posts are still readable).

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SFRPG discussion forums (closed/archived) Stellar Mapping
Worldbuilding Continuum Old WoD Blood Bowl Transhuman Space

  • Stellar Mapping – Resources and datasets for mapping the stars – very useful for any SF setting located in the space around Sol.
  • Worldbuilding – lots of useful information to help you build realistic planetary systems, useful for any SF game.
  • Continuum – an original Tradition for oWoD, the Continuum defends all of reality from the Darkness. Also includes extensive rules for Alternate Realities, and very alien entities literally from beyond time and space, all in one huge 160-page PDF file!
  • Old World Of Darkness – an archive of old material for the oWoD (mostly Mage).
  • Blood Bowl – the Lemming’s Den, home of the Lykstag Lemmings skaven Blood Bowl team!
  • Transhuman Space – supplementary material for SJG’s Transhuman Space RPG. Includes updated maps for Mars and Europa to replace the ones in the books (I co-authored TS: Under Pressure).
  • SLA Industries – a small selection of player and GM aids that I made for the SLA Industries RPG.
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