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Website update!

This is a short update to say that the Lair of Evil Dr Ganymede has now successfully relocated to new hosts! Hopefully the new site will be a lot more stable than it has been over the past few months, during which it seems to have been down more often than not (no thanks to the flakiness of the previous hosts).

Most of the links on the site should still be working, though some of the actual direct URLs may have changed. If anyone spots anything that’s really broken then please let me know in the comments!

If you want to receive email subscriptions whenever I post new blog articles or pages, please head over to the subscribe to blog page and enter your email address there!

I do have some plans for more 2300AD blog articles, so stay tuned!

Welcome to my Lair!

Welcome to the Lair of Evil Dr Ganymede! On this site, you’ll find my articles about Battletech, Elite Dangerous, 2300AD and Science as well as more general articles about role-playing games, worldbuilding, and Stellar Mapping that I’ve written or co-authored, along with artwork that I’ve created using 3D modelling software (POVray and Lightwave) over the years. I’ve also put my Ph.D. Thesis and abstracts online on my Science page.

I run a blog here in which I generally talk about RPGs and worldbuilding, and interesting planetary science and astronomy topics, and any other stuff I find interesting too (you can read all the blog entries below this post, so scroll down! To read the full article, just click on the title of the entry in the blog). There’s no fixed schedule, I just post whenever I feel I have something interesting to say :). If you just want to read blog entries about specific subjects (e.g. Battletech, 2300AD, Science, Worldbuilding, Stellar Mapping, etc) you can just click the link in the sidebar on the right under “Categories” (you can use that link as a bookmark too).

I also sometimes post boardgame and videogame playthrough videos on my my Youtube channel, so please subscribe to that if you’re interested! You can keep up to date with when I post videos by following me on Mastodon at – again, it’ll be very irregular since I post whenever the mood strikes me but there’s a good archive of videos up there now including a full Wing Leader tutorial series and a D-Day at Peleliu solo playthrough.

You can also subscribe to my blog so you receive an email whenever I update it, comment on the individual blog articles, or send me an email!

Thanks for visiting!

Stumbled Upon!

It seems that someone has linked my Worldbuilding page on Stumbleupon – thank you, whoever did that! I hope more people find it useful as a result. 🙂

I am very slowly adding more pictures to the General 3D Artwork page – I’m gradually getting the hang of the new NextGen Gallery add-on (the PicLens slideshow seems to be working, but I can’t get the Flash one to work anymore for some reason), and also re-rendering the images as necessary to make them bigger than 640×480.

I should add that while the Space Art and POVray Voyager pages that were here before will soon be back online, I have decided not to bring my Planetary Maps back online – fact is, people can find much higher quality maps online nowadays so they’re pretty redundant. I hope people found them useful while they were up though :).

I’ll post further updates when the other art pages are up!

RPG and Science pages now online!

The new Science and Roleplaying Pages are now fully online on the new WordPress site, and everything seems to be working fine.

I’ve updated, consolidated, and removed some of the material from my old RPG Hub:

  • The Continuum has now been updated (I added the Dyson Virtual, and The Vanguard supplement) and spelling errors and typos have been corrected. The Continuum is also now only available as a single (1 MB, 85,500 word, 160 page!) PDF file.
  • The Caine Files have been merged into a single HTML file.
  • There is now a single Old World of Darkness (oWoD) page. It’s not too fancy since that edition is no longer supported by WW. I’ve also removed some of the files that were here before – I just wanted to keep the material that I like.
  • The Blood Bowl files haven’t been updated, but I’m linking them here because they’re rather entertaining (if I do say so myself) and you should read them :).
  • I added a SLA Industries page containing some Player/GM Aids I made a while back. If you’re a SLA player you’ll probably find these useful!
  • The Stellar Characteristics and Evolution document on the Worldbuilding page has been updated and turned into a PDF. I’ve added a section on Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams to help explain things a bit better.

    The Science page is essentially the same as the old Work Hub, and contains a downloadable PDF version of my Ph.D. thesis, as well as the science posters and abstracts that I wrote during my scientific career.

    I haven’t done anything with the 3D Artwork pages, but I’m hoping they should be up and running in the next few days. Stay tuned for further updates!

    If you see anything amiss (or have any comments), please leave a comment below or send me an email!

  • Getting there.

    Ok… I’ve got the plugins sorted, I’ve re-uploaded the Science page – though I still need to tidy up the links – and I’ve got the other pages ready for text (they’re blank for now). I don’t think I’ll recreate all the internal HTML pages I link to (such as the files on the oWoD hub), I’m just going to link them directly from new wordpress pages – that should be much easier. Then I’ll put redirects from the old hubs, so I should be able to track them with the stats plugin.

    Hopefully most (if not all) of the site will be back up and running by the end of this week.