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[Battletech] Advanced Rules: Realistic Mech Movement

In my last post I showed how most Battlemechs couldn’t actually walk as fast as described in the game – if you missed that then you can read it at How fast can a Battlemech walk?. In this post I will present some optional Advanced Rules to implement the more realistic mech movement described there.

This is what I’m setting out to achieve here:

– Mechs now walk, run, and sprint at realistic speeds.
– Where possible, movement rates should be as consistent as possible with their current stats. That said, the fastest mechs must be slower here because it’s now impossible for them to be as fast as they were – this means they will have smaller engines and more space for equipment.
– It must be possible to design mechs so that their engine ratings (and gyros) are comparable with published designs.
– MASC, Superchargers and TSM will have a similar effect on speed as in the existing rules.
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[Battletech] How fast can a Battlemech walk?

A good demonstration of how a Locust doesn’t walk! πŸ™‚

Or: “Can a Locust Battlemech really walk 240m in only 10 seconds?”

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is “no, it can’t” – a Locust (or indeed any battlemech) could run that far in that time… but it is actually physically impossible for it to walk 240m in 10 seconds (at least in gravity similar to Earth’s). To discover why, we must take a rather fascinating scientific journey that sheds some light on something that perhaps many of us take for granted – the mechanics of how we move on two legs! Read on to learn more…
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Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture – full playthrough

I’ve posted a full playthrough of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture on Youtube! I hope you take a look at it, it’s a fantastic story with great characters, beautiful graphics and an amazing soundtrack! If you enjoy watching it then I’d love to hear what you think in the comments, and please do like the videos and subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Episode 1: Quarantine: find out what happens to the inhabitants of the sleepy English village of Yaughton as they are visited by an unearthly force far beyond their understanding!ο»Ώ

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[Elite Dangerous] The Great Colonia Expedition Part 3 – Eagle Nebula to Sacaqawea Space Port (Skaudai AA-A Nebula)

Here is the third leg of the Great Colonia Expedition, from Eagle’s Landing in the Eagle Nebula to Sacaqawea Space Port – the voyage was from the 17th Feb to 11th March 3303! I also found my first Ammonia World here! During the trip I started up my Elite Dangerous Exploration Streams at, so you can see where I took some of these in my streams too!
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[Elite Dangerous] The Great Colonia Expedition Part 2 – Lagoon Nebula to Eagle Nebula

The second leg of the Great Colonia Expedition was from Amundsen Terminal in the Lagoon Nebula to Eagle’s Landing in the Eagle Nebula, spanning from the 9th Feb to 13th Feb 3303! On the way I stopped off at the Omega Nebula and the Traikaae AA-A nebula high above the Galactic Plane, and gradually realised that I was in this for the long haul!
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[Elite Dangerous] I found an amazing system!

I found an insane system on my travels!! It contains a Class V gas giant that orbits its white dwarf primary in only 15 minutes, and passes through the jet of the WD! Its orbital distance from the WD is 0.4 ls, so close that it cannot actually be reached using supercruise (the WD drops the ship out of SC about 2 ls out). There is also a nearby M V companion star a few ls away. As an aside, there is an unusually high number of Carbon Star systems around this location too.

The planet is so close to the WD that (a) it is within the WD’s Roche Limit and should have been torn apart to form a ring system and (b) orbits faster than the WD’s rotation period (which itself is only 16 minutes) and therefore is spiralling in to the WD anyway due to tidal forces. The system is also 7.8 billion years old – how the gas giant continues to survive, how it got into its current orbit around the WD, and how the WD and its planet both got so close to the M V star after the end of the WD’s former red giant phase are all deep mysteries!

The System Name is BLAA PHOE NC-D D12-230, and it should already be in the 3D map of the latest version of EDDiscovery (under the name “Death Spiral”). Check it out, CMDRs! πŸ™‚

Click for larger version:

20 second timelapse video:
15 minute full video (with music in the first half):

[Elite Dangerous] The Great Colonia Expedition Part 1 – Bubble to Orion Molecular Complex & Lagoon Nebula

Here is the Exploration Log (i.e. screenshot gallery) of the first leg of my Great Colonia Expedition, which I’m currently working on in my Elite Dangerous Exploration streams! This covers the somewhat roundabout journey the Bubble to the Orion Molecular Complex (yes, that’s in the other direction from Colonia – I took the scenic route!) and then turning around and eventually arriving at Amundsen Terminal at the Lagoon Nebula for some much-needed rest and repairs!
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