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Website update!

This is a short update to say that the Lair of Evil Dr Ganymede has now successfully relocated to new hosts! Hopefully the new site will be a lot more stable than it has been over the past few months, during which it seems to have been down more often than not (no thanks to the flakiness of the previous hosts).

Most of the links on the site should still be working, though some of the actual direct URLs may have changed. If anyone spots anything that’s really broken then please let me know in the comments!

If you want to receive email subscriptions whenever I post new blog articles or pages, please head over to the subscribe to blog page and enter your email address there!

I do have some plans for more 2300AD blog articles, so stay tuned!

Website update: Further Stars List uploaded!

EDIT: This has been superseded by my new Stellar Mapping page!

I’ve finally added the “Further Star List” to my Realistic Near-Sol Astrography webpage – it’s an excel file containing accurate locations of a selection of major stars (including Vega, Deneb, 51 Pegasi, Spica, Bellatrix and Algol) that are more than 10pc from Sol.

The format is a bit raw (and I’m not entirely sure why I selected those specific stars to list!). The dark red X/Y/Z columns show the distances in each direction (Sol is the origin, +X is Coreward, +Y is Spinward, +Z is “above” Sol). If you have trouble interpreting it, let me know!

You can doublecheck the stars too – you can use the Convert spreadsheet in Section 1 of the mapping page to convert the RA/Dec of any stars into X/Y/Z coordinates. If you have astronomy software like Celestia, open it up and activate the Galactic Grid and rotate it so that you’re facing 0° latitude and 0° longitude – you’re now looking directly along the +X axis. Turn to look at 0° Lat, 90° Lon and you’re looking directly along the +Y axis. Look at the Galactic north pole, and you’re looking directly along the +Z axis. You should be able to find your stars using this (e.g. Aldebaran is pretty much directly along the -X direction, and down a bit on the Z axis. Look towards 180° Lon direction and -20° Lat, and there it is!).

I’ve been sitting on this for six and a half years (!!) and finally decided that I’m never going to draw hexmaps showing these stars, so I may as well just release the data and let other people figure it out! Enjoy! 🙂

The link is at http://evildrganymede.net/wp/rpgs/stellar-mapping/.