Space Art

On this page you’ll find the space art that I’ve created over the years, mostly using the excellent freeware POVRay raytracer (and a few with Lightwave too).

If you’re looking for my Planetary Maps, they’re not actually online anymore. I think they’ve served their purpose and nowadays other sites have much better maps than the ones I had (for example, check out Bjorn Jonsson’s Planetary Maps website), and I encourage you to use those instead!

Jovian Chronicles Tsar 3d model (Lightwave)
EVE Online Rifter 3d model: Front view (Lightwave)
EVE Online Rifter 3d model: Oblique view. (Lightwave)
Alien World (POVray)
Moonrise (POVray)
Ganymede Landscape (POVray)
Europa Landscape (POVray)
Earthrise (POVray)
Terraformed Venus: Cytherea (POVray)
Terraformed Mars (POVray)

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