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Elite Dangerous Streaming Update

I’ve settled on a streaming schedule and updated my Twitch page – streams are now happening every Tuesday at 6pm-8pm PST and every Saturday at 10am-12pm PST (which is 6pm-8pm UK time).

This evening’s stream is now available on my youtube channel if you missed it, along with all my other streams and highlights! In this episode we visit a supernova remnant containing a neutron star, and elsewhere we find an unexpected Ammonia World!

[Elite Dangerous] First Stream is now online!

And now for something completely different – I have started streaming! I now have my very own Twitch page at https://www.twitch.tv/evildrganymede and I’ll be streaming Elite Dangerous there on a semi-regular basis (check the twitch page or my twitter for updates)!

I’ve already finished my first stream this evening, and you can now see the whole thing on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i94h6R1x8wk . Highlights include a few neutron star boosts, finding a moon that orbited very close to the edge of its gas giant primary’s ring system, and a big landable icy planet. Plus an explanation about how planetary rings work, and a few rants about the inaccuracies of Elite Dangerous :).

Elite Dangerous 21Feb2017 stream

So if you’d like to join me as I explore the galaxy in Elite Dangerous, please check out the twitch page and videos and Follow me there to be notified about when I’ll be streaming again!