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[Elite Dangerous] – Mining adventures (Intermission)

Before I headed out on my Great Expedition to Colonia and beyond (I’ll be uploading the logs later on), I bought myself a Python and did a bit of mining. Here are some of the highlight from that escapade – it was actually kinda fun, though not exactly a huge money-maker for me.

[Elite Dangerous] Expedition #3 (part 2) – Pleiades – Alien Ruins

Here’s Part 2 of my expedition to NGC 7822 – continuing on to the Pleiades and to take a look at the Guardian ruins!

[Elite Dangerous] Expedition #3 (part 1) – NGC 7822 – HD 19419 – California Nebula

My third expedition was a rather roundabout trip that started off as an investigation of the NGC 7822 nebula (an interesting line of stars that are visible from the vicinity of the North American Nebula). I ended up seeing a little more than that though…! (January 3303)

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[Elite Dangerous] Expedition #2 – Antares.

My second expedition was to the supergiant star Antares. I’d been there before in my Cobra Mk III when ED was first released, but I didn’t have an Advanced Discovery Scanner then and it was harder to plot a route to because the plotting distance limit was about 100 ly. This time around I was better prepared, heading out in a new Keelback with an ADS and fighter bay!

Exploration continues on my twitch channel on my Twitch channel every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm PST!

[Elite Dangerous] Expedition #1 – Alpha Cygni and the Sadr Nebula.

I’ll be posting my Elite Dangerous Exploration Galleries here so I can have them somewhere safely archived (and more accessible than Facebook or G+). So here’s my first proper exploration trip to Deneb and the Sadr Nebula in my Asp Explorer! (December 3302).

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