World of Darkness (oWoD)

This Hub contains rules, supplements, and ideas for White Wolf’s Original, pre-Revised Edition (1991-1997) World Of Darkness RPG Setting. Supplementary material can be found here for 2nd Edition Vampire, Mage and Wraith only – rules for The Continuum (an original Tradition for Mage: The Ascension that deal with Time and Alternate Realities) can be found elsewhere on this site. Please note that the material listed below is no longer supported and is kept here for archival purposes only.

“World of Daftness” material (Pets: The Shedding and Devilbunnies: The Fluffing) can also be found here, since apparently people are still searching for this stuff!

The Caine Files by Timothy Toner.
The REAL Truth Behind Caine by Colin Smith, Sean Halligan, Wayne Jennings, & Leonard King.

On The Nature Of Wraiths and the Cycle Of Life And Death by Constantine Thomas.

Virtual Adept Paradigm Page by Constantine Thomas

Proteus by DJ Babb.

The Nephandi Text by DJ Babb.
Qlippothic Spheres by Anders Sandberg.
Fasoma Span, The Horror That Spans Dimensions by Anders Sandberg.
The Eater of Dimensions by Anders Sandberg.
The Soul Eater by Anders Sandberg.
The Teacher by Anders Sandberg.
The Midnight Cabaret by DJ Babb.
The Parlor of Twilight by DJ Babb.

The Marauders of the Periphery by DJ Babb.
The Marauder Papers by DJ Babb.

The Sphere of Chaos by Constantine Thomas.
The Sphere Of Prime by Constantine Thomas.
The Sphere of Information by Constantine Thomas.

Purgatories by Anders Sandberg.
The Well of Blind Souls by Anders Sandberg.
The Diamond Realm by Anders Sandberg.

Phaedrus by Constantine Thomas.
Silhouette by Constantine Thomas.

Other stuff:
Some thoughts about Arete, Oracles, Ascension and Normality by Anders Sandberg.
Daily Weirdness in the Lives of Mages by Anders Sandberg.

World of Daftness (Silly stuff)
Pets: The Shedding by Lee Garvin.
Devilbunnies: The Fluffing by Andrew Weitzman.