The Continuum (oWoD)

The Continuum is an organisation of Mages outside the Ascension War, dedicated to fighting the Perpetual War against the Darkness (Nephandi/Deep Umbra) that surrounds and seeks to destroy all Realities. Originally inspired by the British TV Series Sapphire And Steel and designed as an add-on for Mage: The Ascension, it has grown so much that it could probably be used on its own within the StoryTeller system.

Included in this Net-Supplement are complete backgrounds and settings for the Continuum, rules describing alternate realities (‘Virtuals’) and the Labyrinth of Time, and new rules detailing the Darkness (related to the Deep Umbra) and the minions that serve it.

Download The Complete Continuum PDF – 1.02 MB, ~ 85,500 words, 160 pages. Includes The Continuum, The Labyrinth of Time, Virtuals, The Darkness Manifest, and Appendices. Also includes full Table of Contents.

(Abridged) Credits (Complete author credits can be found on page 5 of the Continuum PDF)
Original Concept: Constantine Thomas.
Written and Developed by: Constantine Thomas, DJ Babb, Anders Sandberg.
Nomads: DJ Babb.
The Vanguard: David Barrett.
Editing and Revisions: Constantine Thomas.

The original concept of the Continuum is © 1995, 1996 Constantine Thomas. All material on the Continuum pages are copyright of the authors – where not stated explicitly, copyright is held jointly by Constantine Thomas, DJ Babb, and Anders Sandberg. This material may only be used for non-profit purposes, and may not be sold without explicit permission from the authors.

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