Blood Bowl

Welcome, sports fans, to the Lemmings’ Den – my humble Blood Bowl page. Here you’ll find transcripts of Jim and Bob’s match reports from the games of my Skaven team, the Lykstag Lemmings (Go Lemmings!).


Lykstag Lemmings vs. Niffel’s Necros.
Final Score:
Necros 2, Lemmings 1.

Sometime in 1997, the Lemmings fearlessly faced the terrifying undead might of Niffel’s Necros – and put up a surprisingly good fight!
* Lykstag Lemmings vs. Niffel’s Necros [MATCH REPORT].


New Albion Raiders vs. Lykstag Lemmings.
Final score
: 2 – 2, Raiders win on Penalties!

Hear the lowdown for tomorrow’s game with the New Albion Raiders human team, live from the Lemmings Locker Room. Fortunately, the room is currently deserted as the Lemmings don’t actually turn up til just before the game…
* New Albion Raiders vs Lykstag Lemmings PMR. [Pre-Match Report]. 12th July 2002.

Live commentary from your hosts Jim and Bob at Albion Stadium, covering an epic showdown between man and mouse!
* New Albion Raiders vs Lykstag Lemmings: First Half [FIRST HALF MATCH REPORT]. 13th July 2002.
* New Albion Raiders vs Lykstag Lemmings: Second Half [SECOND HALF MATCH REPORT + PENALTIES]. 13th July 2002.

Stay tuned for more reports as the games happen…!