[Elite Dangerous] Exploration Stream #10 – The Rush to Gagarin Gate!

Elite Dangerous Exploration Stream #10 is on youtube now – this turned out to be a double-length episode (I just decided to keep going ๐Ÿ™‚ ) in which we ended up at Gagarin Gate, the next refuelling station on the way to Colonia. I thought this was pretty impressive given that the trip from Eagle Landing to Sac Space Port took about four weeks, while the trip from Sac Space Port to Gagarin Gate only took 11 days!

On the way we stopped off at a couple of Carbon stars and black holes, and boosted from a lot of neutron stars. At one point I found myself in a very nice close double star system (fortunately I didn’t end up being roasted between the stars on arrival) and got some nice screenshots there!


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