Emily’s Asteroids and Comets montage

I’m working on another science post of my own, but in the meantime I thought I’d share this rather awesome montage that Emily Lakdawalla compiled over at the Planetary Society Blog, which is well worth following if you’re into solar system exploration. It shows all the asteroids and comets that have been visited by spacecraft as of November 2010, including Comet Hartley 2. The really nice thing is that it shows them all at the same scale, so you can see the differences that size makes to thinks like crater size (I think Mathilde is roughly the size of Greater London).

There’s a much larger version of the image available on the Planetary Society page that’s definitely worth checking out too, that shows the little ones in more detail – though be warned, the image is huge!

Comets and Asteroids, by Emily Lakdawalla

Credits: Montage by Emily Lakdawalla. Ida, Dactyl, Braille, Annefrank, Gaspra, Borrelly: NASA / JPL / Ted Stryk. Steins: ESA / OSIRIS team. Eros: NASA / JHUAPL. Itokawa: ISAS / JAXA / Emily Lakdawalla. Mathilde: NASA / JHUAPL / Ted Stryk. Lutetia: ESA / OSIRIS team / Emily Lakdawalla. Halley: Russian Academy of Sciences / Ted Stryk. Tempel 1, Hartley 2: NASA / JPL / UMD. Wild 2: NASA / JPL.

(if you want to comment on it, go over to the Planetary Society Blog and tell Emily! 🙂 )

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