Ganymede in Minecraft!

While tinkering with the textures in Minecraft (yes, I know, it’s got me too) it occurred to me that I could actually replace the moon texture with something more… interesting. So voila, Ganymede in minecraft!

Ganymede in Minecraft!

I’m half wondering if I could replace the sun with something more interesting too, though I do quite like the “pulsar sun” in the Painterly pack…

EDIT – I might as well make it available! 🙂 Right-click on this link (or left-click it to see the image), save the file as “moon.png”, find and open up minecraft.jar, and put the file in the terrain folder in there (overwriting the existing moon.png that’s in there). If you don’t know how to do that, ask on the minecraft forums. This shouldn’t screw anything up, but if it does then don’t blame me ;).

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