Marauders of the Periphery

by DJ Babb

WARNING: There are themes and "word choices" that may offend some readers.

Note: If you want more "happy mad-men" to throw around in your chronicle, with silly names and bizarre views on reality, GO AWAY!!! While some (the Eye Scream Truckers) fit this description (sorta'), there are other kinds as well. Also, I ignored the BoM in creating these characters, in order to explore a broader range of what defines a mage of chaos.

"The Schizo's Ballad"

The vizier eats the goat snout,
As you must all now know.
The bright side to the fall-out
Is its radioactive glow.
The children are all selling
Yummy, urine lemonade.
I will not now be telling
How I saw your wife get spayed.
Madness all around me,
Of which I alone am ware.
Can the monkeys not see?
as I scream beneath my hair.

- San Dee Jota


  • The Breakers of the Wall
  • The Acolytes of Vitae
  • The Eye Scream Truckers

  • Again, THEIR Ram repelled them. Again, they failed to take THEIR Ram away from the Builders. Mackgnash calmly watched as Lily beat her fists against her head, screaming as bruises already began to form on her dark skin. He grabbed her roughly by the wrist, pulling her up to look him in the face. She was silent for a moment, and then she yelled defiantly in his Mackgnash's face. He smiled as he threw her to the ground. Their spirit would not be broken!!!!

    The Breakers of the Wall

    The Breakers of the Wall tend to spend most of their time in the Umbra, trying to wrest control of the life-form known as Proteus away from the Technocracy. Currently they've been transferring their minds into the giant, hive-mind of Proteus, and trying to overwhelm "Him" from within. But as each mind is merged with Proteus, another member of the Shard (a group of Marauder mages) is lost.

    The Breakers of the Wall were formed during the Age of Reason, in response to the ever-growing Gauntlet around Gaia. Their Shard was dedicated to the specific purpose of Breaking the Wall, that the Technocracy had constructed. They have waged a ceaseless war against the Technocracy since then, through a variety of means. For starters, during both World Wars, they siphoned vast reserves of quintessence from the bodies of dying soldiers, and were able to capture countless numbers of people. The largest case of this was when members of the Shard infiltrated the Allied "War Machine" by mentally possessing several key military officials, and having them sway the Technocracy protected Roosevelt and Churchill to destroy the strategically worthless city of Dresden.

    The fates of those kidnapped by the Marauders (and declared dead by the Technocracy) is unknown, but by the 1960's, the Breakers of the Wall had grown to a membership of over thirty! Their actions for the next two decades remain unknown, but a handful Euthantos hint about a far-off realm, where the Breakers were teaching (and Awakening!) their new recruits. When the Breakers discovered Proteus in the early Eighties, they immediately realized the reality-shaping potential of the creature.

    Since then they have been frantically trying to "infect" the hive-mind of Proteus with their own minds, and use "their Ram" to break down the Wall which prevents their brethren to freely roam Gaia. Now their numbers are less than two dozen, but many have merged with Proteus.

    Members: Mackgnash I (Master), Lily (Master), Petep (*), Nina Vladovna (*), I'oseph (Adept), Mackgnash III (Verbena, Adept), Heinrich (Adept), GeeMm (Master), Mackgnash II (*), Pup (Disciple), Kit (Disciple), Noje (Adept), Chick (Disciple), The Valen (Adept), NOWONOW (Master), Breathe in the air, Split thine eyes in twain, Dance with the sun (Adept)
    (a "*" indicates that this mage has been merged with Proteus)

    Organization: Mackgnash I is the affirmed leader of the group, despite protests from Mackgnash III (which have stopped since Mackgnash II was ordered to merge with the Ram). Mackgnash I and Lily are in charge of monitoring the group, with Lily maintaining contact with those inside Proteus, and Mackgnash in charge of all).

    Noje, Breathe, and NOWONOW are in charge of assassination and infiltration, but only Noje has been deemed able to blend in with the mages of Proteus at this point. Pup, Kit, and Chick are all preparing to take the place of ex-members of the group, while the rest are still trying to merge with Proteus.


    Mackgnash I




    NOW! (Forces 4, Time 3)

    Schizo-Virus (Forces 2, Life 5, Prime 2, Mind 3/4)

    Eat Me RAW! (Life 4, Correspondence 2)


    Down the cold corridors of stone, deep below the pillars of steel and the paths of asphalt, the Acolytes whipped themselves into a frenzy. The Kindred assembled around them marvelled at how these Awakened kine could create so much of the precious vitae. As the assembled Malkavians drank of the magi's blood, they were exposed to new vistas of awareness. They saw the world that these magi would create for them, where they would form an army and rule as gods once again....

    The Acolytes of Vitae

    The House of Tremere isn't the only group of magi to see the Kindred as a way to defend the power of magic within the world. But whereas the Tremere became undead to continue their powers, the Acolytes of Vitae seek to return vampires to the world (and thereby return magick to the world).

    Founded in shortly after the Inquisition, the Acolytes were once a group of simple Celestial Chorus members suffering from severe depression at seeing the evils that had been done by the Europeans they had wished to save. While roaming the Deep Umbra, looking for a way to stop their spiritual decline, they found a bizarre new world known as the Periphery by the natives, and an even stranger visitor stranded there.

    The stranger, Roe, pleaded with the magi, knowing what they were, to return him to Gaia, and in return he would give them the Enlightenment they sought. While skeptical, and sensing that this was a Kindred before them, they still decided to take the undead with them back to Gaia. Some speculate that the Choristers felt intense guilt for all those (including Kindred) who suffered from "their" Inquisition, others say that Rox used his Disciplines against the already mentally uneased magi. For whatever reason, the magi returned Roe to Gaia, where he promptly forced each to take a "enhanced" drought of his vitae.

    Upon drinking the blood of Roe, the magi immediately were exposed to the possibilities of Kindred existence. Gone were their self-doubtings, and guilt. They had seen the light of the One, felt the One's presence in this Kindred before them, and they would do anything their savior asked. They were blood-bound to a fourth-generation Malkavian, Roe, the creator of Dementation. Roe, their saving Angel.

    Since that time, the Acolytes have been busily aiding Rox in his bids to gain control over the North-Western Part of the United States. They share his dream of a world ruled by the Malkavians (with Roe as king), a world where the Kindred, the fey, and the creatures of the Mythic Age would walk the earth freely once more.

    In order to show their devotion to Rox (also known as Roe, and Malraux), the Acolytes have taken vows of silence (which they have held for over three centuries!), become flagellants, and offer their magickal aid to their Angel.

    Deep within the American North-West, a great evil is brewing....

    Members: Brother Francois (Master), Brother Luke (Adept), Sister Marie (Master), Sister Ophelia (Master), Brother Richard (Adept), Sister Tatiana (Adept)

    Organization: the Acolytes have no fixed leader, instead operating on a basis of mutual cooperation. However, they are quick to follow ANY order given by Roe. The mages communicate with each other (and ONLY each other) using a simple mind/correspondence rote that they have permanently charged into themselves.


    Brother Francois

    Sister Tatiana


    Living Chalice (Correspondence 4, Life 4, Matter 4, Mind 4, Prime 3)

    Billy Morgan drove his semi through the road-block, Megadeath blaring through his cab. "Megadeath's pretty good, but they ain't no Sinatra," Billy thought as the police scattered and tried to regroup. Happy Green Horticulture leapt from the passenger seat, eager to make new friends or gain fresh "merchandise" for Timothy to resurrect.

    "After all, we DO have a business to run", Billy thought to himself....

    Eye Scream Truckers

    Now here's a story Kraton used to tell me.

    "... Marauders? You want to know about Marauders?!? Only met one group of 'em once, and let me tell you, they were the most psychotic batch of cats I ever saw. They drove a weird-ass ice-cream truck around the world, trading all sorts of crazy shit for Technos' junk.

    "I remember the time me and Starlight was hunting the people who had trashed her family's home and taken her folks. SHE figured the Technos had taken 'em, but I knew better. The place was trashed, and their weren't even any Progenitor Clones left to trick, or any wards or anything. They even left a trail for us to follow in my van!

    "We had followed their path for about fifty miles when it just stopped in a parking lot. It wasn't until I used some simple magick to locate the truck, that we saw it sitting in the damn lot! My god! Here was this bright pink, ice-cream truck, and we didn't even see it! On each side was a giant eye with a screaming mouth where the retina should be, and painted underneath was "Eye Scream Enterprises".

    "Me and Starlight knew we were dealing with some weird-ass shit; the truck was so Arcane, I had to wonder how even it's owners could find it. But Starlight wasn't going to be turned away without some answers. She walked up and pounded on the truck's side. She was pumped up on something, cause her banging was leaving dents in the side of the thing.

    "The door opened, and we saw this little green teddy-bear thing stick his head out and say `we're closed, come back tomorrow.' Starlight ripped the damn door off, and I got a lightning bolt ready to toss. The bear jumped out with a sword bigger than him and whined about how we shouldn't have done that, and how he only wanted to be our friend. He even seemed sad when he hacked off Starlight's arm.

    "I let him have it right then with my lightning. Let me tell you, it knocked him off his little, green ass. I heard a voice in the back ask 'what's going on,' as Starlight "fixed" her arm. I know I warned you about paradox, but there are times when you can't afford not to be vulgar.

    "A friendly spirit I'd summoned a while back came up to us, and warned us that the Techno's were a-comin', so Starlight and I marched into the truck to see what was going on in there. I was too busy seeing the bear-thing get back on it's feet to notice Starlight gasp.

    "It seems there was a boy in the back, playing a game of checkers with her folks. Her dead folks. Just then another boy, an albino, walked up to the car and started yelling at us. Now I know my speech aint' proper for a church, but this kid was teaching me a phrase or two!

    "Starlight was hurting pretty bad, and she kinda' lost it seeing her folks dead and all. She was crying when she asked the kids to give her her folks back. The one playing checkers, a brunette, was kinda' upset, but the albino started bitchin' about all deals being final. I glared at him and said, `oh yeah?'.

    "The next thing I knew I was picking myself up from the lot, my ribs broken in two places, and most of nerves yelling about how much they didn't like me at the moment. Starlight came out, smiling, and told me she had made a deal with the albino. They'd trade her folks for that beat up van that hadbeen following them."

    And that was how old Kraton learned about Marauders and lost his van.

    The Eye Scream Truckers are a small Shard of Marauders who have become the targets of Tradition, Technocracy, and even Nephandi forces. The Eye Scream Truckers, currently numbering two mages and their three Consors, travel Gaia collecting materials to "produce and sell." Among the products they make are zombies, magic items, and extremely bizarre ice-cream.

    Hailing from the Periphery, the two mages of the group, Billy Morgan (an albino) and Timothy, were on hard times. All the other Eye Scream Truckers were stealing their customers. In the Periphery, death was so common, that people bought the re-animated corpses of the dead in order to keep themselves company (and have a "distraction" for any would-be attackers).

    Billy convinced Timothy that they needed to expand their market to attract potential customers, and so they began buying items created by the other races of the Periphery. Along the way, a cybernetically enhanced cat named Mitzy, a Grummykin warrior/play-mate named Happy-Green-Horticulture (or Happy for short), and a small horde of the living dead began to travel with them.

    When Timothy met with the strange man who claimed that the Periphery was just one world, a world where "Ma-raud-ers" had won the "Ass-cent-eon" War, Billy soon became intrigued with the idea of franchising his company. By devouring the weird man's mind, Timothy discovered a world called Gaia, which held things undreamnt of in the Periphery (and vice-versa).

    Billy soon had a vision of an inter-dimensional market, where he would take goods from one world, trade them for enormous amounts of items, and then sell the items back in the Periphery at an even bigger profit. And so the Eye Scream Truckers came to Gaia.

    Members: Billy Morgan (Master), Timothy (Master), Mitzy (Consor), Happy-Green-Horticulture (Happy for short, Consor), three zombies (Consors)

    Organization: Billy rules by domination. Occasionally Mitzy will challenge his leadership, as will Happy, but Timothy is much too passive. Besides, they all know that Billy is only bluffing when he threatens to sell them to the Orb Beetles as "Shrines"...


    Billy Morgan


    Happy-Green-Horticulture (Grummykin Templar)

    Mitzy (cybernetics designer, sex-researcher, and housecat)


    Eye Scream Truck (*****) Arete 6 Quintesence 30


    Deal of the Century (Mind 3)

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